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Welcome Spring with glowsource.com

Posted by Tara on 3/5/2018 to New Spring Products
Shop Spring/ Glow LED Deals with glowsource.com 


Shop our Light Up Flower Rings and enter the Spring season in style! Every ring is made of a hard acrylic material and an adjustable ring to fit most fingers. Our Light Up Flower Rings come in an assortment of colors! You will find that these are the ideal flower rings for you and your friends this Spring! 


Keep up with the floral theme this Spring. Our Flashing Flower Bracelets are a hit every Spring season. They also come in assorted colors. This accessory is the perfect combination of fun with all the multicolored light up affects! Pair these with our Light Up Flower Rings!


We have the perfect LED Wand for all your Springtime events! Our LED Flower Wands are very popular with the kids. It runs at 15" long! It is large enough to make a statement at your event but small enough for all the kiddos to carry around!


We have the perfect serving plates for you this summer! Serve your guests with our Floral Light Up Plates! Our large plates has 1 mode which fades through a variety of colors such as red, green, and blue colors. This plate will sure attract the attention so be ready to restock the snack bar often!

You're In Luck! Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Glowsource.com

Posted by Tara on 2/23/2018 to St. Patrick's Day Party
Shop Lucky LED Deals with glowsource.com 


Share your luck with everyone this St. Patrick's Day. Keep luck by your side and wear our LED Shamrock Glasses wherever you decide to celebrate! Buy in bulk and distribute to all you feel need some extra luck in life! These Shamrock Glasses make for the perfect party favors.


Take a traditional beer mug and make it GLOW. Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like Beer Mugs that glow green! These Green Glow Mugs will create the aura you are aiming for this St. Patrick's Day!


Look dapper and be sure to add our LED Sequin Bow Tie to your St. Patrick's Day attire. This Bow Tie not only has sequins to bring you some well deserved attention but it also flashes in LED bright lights! 

Light Up Your Life this Valentines Day with glowsource.com

Posted by Tara on 1/19/2018 to Valentine's Day Party

Light Up the Light Of Your Life this Valentines Day with glowsource.com


We all know when you look at your Valentine all you see are hearts! So make it official and buy our Light Up Red Heart Sunglasses! You won't have a problem expressing how you feel when you wear these shades! Watch your Valentine shine as they receive these glasses as a little gift from you as well! Now you both can see each other in hearts for this special day! 


We all know that roses are the symbol of Valentine's Day. Make sure you take traditional and put a twist on it for your special Valentine. These LED Roses will light up to create the most enchanting evening for you and your loved one. 


The bigger the ring the better! Even if you are not proposing for real this Valentine's Day let your Valentine know what is to come in the future! Capture your love ones heart with this smile worthy light up Jumbo Heart Ring.  

Check out the rest of our Valentine's Day Glow Supplies here!

Party for Mardi Gras

Posted by Tara on 1/2/2018 to Mardi Gras

Glowsource.com is giving you a heads start in planning your Mardi Gras extravaganza!  


Mardi Gras 2018 is going to be the best one yet! Our Mardi Gras LED Rings may look subtle, but they are the exact statement piece you need. These come in Mardi Gras themed colors as well! Whether you are celebrating at Bourbon Street or simply just celebrating at home this will make for the perfect accessory to hand out to all you may come across on Mardi Gras! 


It isn't Mardi Gras without our Glow Masks! Our Glow Masks come in a pack of 8. Give yourself options by switching up your masks throughout the night! Even your friends will be left in awe as you transform between bat, butterfly, and fox on Mardi Gras day! 


Shop our most popular selling necklace for Mardi Gras. These tricolor necklaces come in a pack of 50. You can't go wrong with these Premium Glow Necklaces! Stack these together  and wear as a necklace or you can even wear as a headband!


Get creative on Mardi Gras and use our Backlight Makeup! We have the colors you need to become a Mardi Gras goddess! We even have glitter options you can choose from as well!  

Check out the rest of our Mardi Gras Glow Supplies here!

Glow/LED Products to have for New Years 2018!

Posted by Tara on 12/8/2017 to New Year's Eve Party

Glowsource.com is starting the new year right with our favorites Light Up Items for 2018! 


The New Year is the time to start fresh. There is no better way to enter the new year than with our Light Up New Year Shutter Shades. These Happy New Year Shades are also great to hand out to your guests at your New Years party! 


Stand out of the crowd with our Light Up New Years Headbands. While most people wear headbands similar to this, your headband will be the most unique! Make your pictures Instagram worthy by wearing our glitter accented Light Up Headbands. 


Our Flashing Fedora is for the trendsetters. There is not a more appropriate time to wear a Fedora like this one! You can get the classic look of a fedora, but ours light up!


Cheers to the new year! Our Light Up Champagne Flutes will have the party starting this New Years Eve! Step it up a notch and have every body wanting to toast out of these glasses! 

Check out the rest of our New Year Party Supplies here!

New Glow/LED Holiday Items

Posted by Tara on 11/20/2017 to Holiday Party

Glowsource.com has just got in the perfect Holiday Items this season! Candy Canes, Ornaments, and Snowflakes Galore! Check out some of our favorites below!


Be sweet with a twist! Our Candy Cane Swords are the perfect items to keep the kids entertained at your Holiday Party this year. These Candy Cane Swords can also be used as decorative purposes as well! Add them as an accessory to a Nutcracker to create a Winter Wonderland!


There is nothing like the sweet scent of Candy Canes to get you in the Holiday spirit! Wear our Candy Cane Necklace all day and be jolly! Candy Canes are not just meant to eat! They make the perfect Holiday accessory as well!


During the Holidays, we tend to sit by the warm fireplace, but change it up this year! Go outside, do some christmas caroling, and make some memories! Our Jingle Bell Tambourine is the perfect instrument to take out in the winter night! It lights up and also will add the perfect jingle to any tune!


Who says that ornaments are just supposed to be used for our Christmas Trees! Be creative this year and use ornaments to light up your guests! Our Light Up Ornament will sure put up a smile on their face as they enter your Holiday gathering with this perfect party favor!

Check out the rest of our Holiday Party Supplies here!

Glow/LED Stocking Stuffers

Posted by Tara on 11/3/2017 to Holiday Party

Glowsource.com has the perfect Glow & LED Holiday items to create exactly what you need this Holiday!  From LED Snowflake Ornaments to Light Up Christmas Sweaters we have your event needs!


Nothing feels more like the Holidays like snowflakes in the air! Our Snowflake Windmill Wand flashes in 3 different modes! It spins so fast it will give you the chilly feeling of winter air! Our Snowflake Windmill Wand will not only entertain your kids but this also can work as the perfect decor for any Holiday gathering! 


Stay warm this winter-but do it in LED! Our santa hat may look like a traditional Christmas hat but it features a row of LED stars that flash with Christmas spirit! Wear our Light Up Santa Hat and glow up at any Holiday Event! 


We have got the perfect stocking stuffer for you this Holiday season! Our Snowman Wand  lights up in red, green, and blue. The best part is that the fibers of this wand glisten! Lights on or off this wand is the perfect gift for your loved ones!


The Holidays are all about laughter and happiness with your loved ones. Make your loved ones smile with these attention grabbing  LED Christmas Tree Glasses. Our glasses are sure to add the perfect touch to any Stocking Stuffer! These glasses flash in modes of Green, Red, and Blue.

New Glow/LED Halloween Party Supplies

Posted by Tara on 9/12/2017 to Halloween Party

Glowsource.com has the perfect Glow & LED Halloween items to create the spookiest of Halloween events! From LED Skeleton Masks to Spider Glow Rings we have your event needs!


 Want to add the perfect touch to your Halloween costume this year? These Spider Glow Rings are subtle but they make just the right impression! These Spider Glow Rings come in assorted spider designs. Add these to a Halloween Gift Bag for the kids or use them as decor and disperse them around your event! They look so real you are sure to give somebody a scare!


Halloween accessories are a must this year! If you plan on wearing a simple costume make sure to play it up with some eye catching LED accessories! Our Light Up Necklace features a black necklace with flashing ghosts. Batteries are included and also installed!


We have got the perfect barware for you this Halloween! Our Mug is not only Skull shaped but it also lights up! In fact, it's even better in the dark! Turn off all the lights and serve your drinks in our Mug throughout the night and it will sure add that extra freightful ambience!

Check out the rest of of Halloween Party Supplies here!


Glow & LED Party Packs for the Party Planner

Posted by Tara on 7/18/2017 to Glow Party Packs

Whether it is pool parties, summer barbecues, or beach bonfires make sure  to take initiative as the party planner this summer! Glowsource.com is now introducing our Party Packs to make things easier for your party planning process! No matter what type of party you are planning we have the perfect summer options!

Check out some of our favorite party packs for the summer!


Illuminate the night with our LED Pool Orbs! Also included are our LED beach balls and some pool decor such as waterproof LED roses and candles! Want to keep the kids entertained? Try out our Bubble Guns and our LED Frisbee! We have also included some of our best sellers like our LED Retro Shades and our Pool Rafts and Floats! We have two versions of  these Pool Party Packs so you to decide which ones fit your needs the most.


Planning a birthday party can be stressful! Make it easier with our Birthday Party Packs! Our packs include LED balloons, cups, glow sticks, light up shades and more! Either version of this party pack makes for a great gift as well!


We can all use a little help with finding the perfect decor when we plan a party. Our Decoration Party Pack includes LED lights, candles, centerpieces, balloons, and even coasters! It's all in the details!


There is nothing more fun than picking out what to wear for summer festivals! Our Festival Party Packs include all the necessary LED gear for you and your friends! Just one of our packs include a floral LED headband, LED choker, glow paint, light up shades, and earrings! We didn't stop there! Go check out these packs to see the many more things that we have included!


Our Princess Party Pack includes everything you need to make one feel like royalty! LED wands, tiaras, and wings are sure to make your little princess smile!

Interested in seeing more? Check out the rest of our Party Packs by clicking this link!

11 LED Items for an Epic 4th of July Party

Posted by Tara on 6/2/2017 to 4th of July

Be the perfect hostess this 4th of July! Glowsource.com has exactly what you need to add the perfect touch to any 4th of July Party! Whether you’re hosting a big party or small gathering we have the supplies for you! Shop 4th of July items today! 

Here are the 11 LED 4th of July party supplies!


Light up the night with our Red, White, and Blue light up Foam Stick! It is 16 inches in length and it has 6 different flashing modes to choose from! Each stick is made of white foam covering red, blue and white LED lights.


These 23.5? necklaces feature 6 LED lights that combine to create the perfect patriotic accessory wearable by children and adults alike. The features don’t just stop there! Not only is it a necklace but it can also be used as a headband!


Our string lights will sure create the ambiance you need for the most epic 4th of July party! These lights come in 3- modes. The modes include steady on, flashing, or slower blinking lights. These lights can be bent and twisted for all your 4th of July needs! Want some inspiration on how to use these? Use our Red, White, and Blue wires together to create a stunning sight for all your fellow Americans!


Set your sights to the stars! These star-shaped glasses are perfect for any Red, White, Blue themed party. These glasses feature 2 red, 4 white, and 4 blue LEDs.  Don’t leave your guests out of all the fun! Give them out as party favors at the end of your event and create a lasting impression your guests will remember for years to come!

LED Shutter Glasses: RED, WHITE, and BLUE

Patriotism can be trendy too! Our shutter glasses (also known as Stunna Shades) are fun and the perfect flashy accessory to every outfit. The glasses feature shutters across the eye area that add to the fun look but don’t really interfere with your vision.


Make your guests feel part of something great with these US Flag Star Pins! It is the perfect detail to any party. You don’t have to dress in red, white, and blue to represent your county! They have a fast, cyclical flash movement that moves across all points. To activate your Star Blinkies, remove the battery protection & press button on the back. You can attach the Star Pin with it’s military clutch style pin backing.


Make sure the kids at your party are just as entertained as the adults! This patriotic Spinner Wand features 10 red, white, and blue LEDs in the middle of the crystal ball. Press the button and watch as the light show ignites the dark. Instantly put a smile on your young guests face by handing this gift to them as they enter your event!


We took a traditional statement and put a twist on it!  Each flag features 3 LEDS (Red, White & Blue of course!). These flags can be used as a decor piece as well!


Keep the kids entertained this 4th of July! There is no better way to keep them busy than to have the LED Fidget Spinners at your event! Fidget Spinners are all the rave this year! Each hand spinner can spin for over 200 rotations on a single spin! Each of the three axis’s have red, blue, and green LEDs inside. To turn on there is a push button switch. You can set lights to illuminate in one of three different modes!

How To Throw A Glow-Themed Mardi Gras Party

Posted by Whitney on 1/31/2014 to Mardi Gras
How To Throw A Glow-Themed Mardi Gras Party

Look no further for ideas for Mardi Gras parties! Glowsource.com has all the glow party supplies needed to enhance and light up a glow-themed Mardi Gras party.

Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday” is a special day that occurs in the Catholic religious calendar right before the beginning of Lent.

Lent is traditionally a time of sacrifice and repentance in preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter, and Mardi Gras is the last opportunity to “let loose” before the 40 days of spiritual contemplation and sacrifice begins.

The traditional Mardi Gras party has become a way to bring a high level of energy and fun to your social event before the Easter preparations begin. A glow-themed Mardi Gras party is the perfect way to really ignite this type of event, with glow in the dark party supplies keeping the fun coming throughout the evening.

The Spirit of Mardi Gras:
Mardi Gras has become such a high-powered time of fun and excess due in part to the cultural atmosphere of New Orleans, in which socializing, parties, community events and group activities has become an important factor in the life of the city.

Giving vivid and colorful parties has become a standard custom for this pre-Easter holiday. With Mardi Gras parties lasting well into the night with lots of raucous music, dancing and fun, a glow in the dark party is naturally a fitting theme for the celebratory events at this time of year.

Decorating For Your Party Location:
Mardi Gras is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops in your decoration plans. A glow party can be just the thing to make your Mardi Gras celebration memorable to friends and family. Use the early darkness of this time of year and use glow in the dark party favors or decorations to light the night.

Glow in the dark centerpieces can really set a room off and can also be used as lighting. Glow in the dark balls strung on garlands immediately give the room a festive look. Darken the indoor lights and use glow cups, cutlery, lighted ice cubes, glow necklaces and other items to provide the backdrop for party fun.

Glow in the dark glasses, finger lights and glow bracelets make fun and unusual take-home party favors for your guests. Explore the wide range of glow in the dark party supplies and light-up products found at Glowsource.com that can help to make any Mardi Gras party the most memorable of the year!

About Glowsource.com:
Glowsource.com carries the newest and hottest party supplies and decorations for tons of event types and holidays, including Super Bowl, Valentine's, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Easter, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, birthdays, weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, church events, school dances and events, bars and nightclub glow nights, and many more.

Offering wholesale/bulk and discounted prices, Glowsource.com is a complete one-stop shop for must-have glow and light up party novelties.

Established in 1999 with the introduction of “Cool Glow” drinkware, Glowsource.com has since been bringing customers the latest lighted and glow party supplies to make parties tremendous fun.

With 13 years experience and superior customer service, Glowsource.com is the ultimate glow party supply shop!

Plan the Perfect Glow Graduation Party with Glowsource.com

Posted by Whitney on 5/1/2013 to Graduation
With tons of fun glow in the dark party ideas and new light up products, Glowsource.com is quickly becoming the best place on the web for party planners looking to “glow” away guests with the ultimate graduation party.

Graduation season has come to mean three things – ceremonies, celebrations, and parties! For most, however, throwing an event that can match the excitement of any high school or college graduation can be a tricky task.

That’s why Glowsource.com, internet retailer of glow in the dark party supplies and light up party favors, has expanded their product line to provide their customers with tons of fun, affordable, and exciting graduation glow party supplies for their big events.

With the addition of roughly 40 items, Glowsource.com now has a huge variety of party supplies. Ranging from cheap glow party supplies that can be added to a cap and gown, to elaborate light up party supplies and decorations that illuminate an entire party, there is something for every graduation party.

“Graduation is such an epic event,” says Vice President of Glowsource.com, Whitney Callahan. “Naturally, a graduation party should be just as bright and glowing as any graduate’s face on their big day.”

Here are some of the new and popular glow and light up party supplies sure to make any graduation party a huge, glowing success:

Light Up Champagne Cups – What says “celebration” like a light up champagne cup? These are the perfect glass to cheers a job well done!

Light Up Balloons – Balloons usually mean party time and when LED lights are added to them, it must mean the ultimate party is in succession.

Glow Woofer Horn – Alert: Graduate coming through! That’s pretty much what these glow horns can be used for.

Light Up Necklaces – These LED necklaces blink and flash and make the perfect blue accessory to a graduation get-up.

Glow Stir Sticks – Use these to stir your mixed, celebration drink, or just to light it up for fun (for those underage).

LED Shutter Shades – Only the “coolest” people should wear these light up shutter shades. It takes a certain swagger to really rock these correctly – A swagger only graduates have.

Light Up Jelly Rings – For those who like to grab everyone’s attention, these flashing rings will have all the heads turning!

For custom print inquiries contact whitney(at)glowsource(dot)com.

About Glowsource.com:

Glowsource.com strives to provide customers with a wide range of one-of-a-kind glow and light up products for making parties a memorable success. Offering wholesale/bulk and discounted prices, Glowsource.com is a complete one-stop shop for must-have glow and LED items graduation 2013.

Established in 1999 with the introduction of “Cool Glow” drinkware, Glowsource.com has since been bringing customers the latest lighted and glow party supplies to make parties tremendous fun. With 13 years experience and superior customer service, Glowsource.com is the ultimate glow party supply shop!

Glowsource.com Launches Custom Printing for Personalizing Parties and Events

Posted by Whitney on 1/31/2013 to Custom Printing
From event planners, to anyone throwing a party, now everyone can add company logos, birthday names, concert events, and more to their favorite Glow-in-the-Dark and Light Up products.

With the growing popularity of customized party supplies at bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, birthday and graduation parties and church and school events, Glowsource.com has made it easy and affordable to take that special party or event to the next level.

For people looking to add a personal touch to their parties, Glowsource.com, online retailer of all things glow-in-the-dark and LED, has launched its custom printing division.

Unlike its competitors, Glowsource.com’s printing is free with a minimum order. They are also willing to print on smaller quantities of party items, which most companies don’t offer. Another great perk is the short turn around time on the customized products.

Take a look at 5 of the most popular products party planners are customizing for their parties and events:

Light Up Beach Balls – Great for tailgating or outdoor events, pool parties, or even fun corporate events, a logo on a beach ball is a really unique way to showcase a company, sports team, or special birthday person.

Light Up Champagne Glasses – These are a perfect addition to formal events such as weddings and cocktail parties. Party planners are able to offer a customized party favor to guests that can also serve as a souvenir.

Light Up Ice Cubes – Lighted ice cubes have become very popular for corporate events and bar/bat mitzvahs for use in centerpieces, drinks and decorations. These are a great way to advertise and a nice keepsake for all who attend.

Light Up Foam Sticks – These have become a must-have at concerts and outdoor events. The lights shining in the foam stick truly enhance a logo and transform the party into a wild occasion.

Liquid Activated Shot Glass – As if these shot glasses that have LEDs activated by liquid weren’t already unique, adding a special name will really up the ante for birthday parties and any other occasion to celebrate.

For custom print inquiries contact whitney [at] glowsource [dot] com.

About Glowsource.com:

Glowsource.com strives to provide customers with a wide range of one-of-a-kind glow and light up products for making parties a memorable success. Offering wholesale/bulk and discounted prices, Glowsource.com is a complete one-stop shop for must-have glow and LED items for NYE 2013.

Established in 1999 with the introduction of “Cool Glow” drinkware, Glowsource.com has since been bringing customers the latest lighted and glow party supplies to make parties tremendous fun. With 13 years experience and superior customer service, Glowsource.com is the ultimate glow party supply shop!


Glowsource.com Whitney Callahan (877) 279-0632 whitney@glowsource.com

How to throw a New Year’s Eve glow-in-the-dark party from Glowsource.com

Posted by Whitney on 12/13/2012 to New Year's Eve Party
How to throw a New Year’s Eve glow-in-the-dark party from Glowsource.com
11 unique party supplies to help create the best glow party this year

Each year, New Year’s Eve bashes are getting bigger and better than ever before. For those party planners looking to up the ante, Glowsource.com has released a list of unique party supplies essential to making this New Year’s Eve a glowing success.

Since unique party supplies and novelties are key throwing an exclusive New Year’s Eve party, Glowsource.com has specifically chosen cutting-edge products to offer on the site. From glow to LED, Glowsource.com provides a variety of party items that will have guests impressed.

According to one recent customer, Donna Chulack says, “I’ve ordered the light up champagne cups every year for 5 years to take on a New Year’s Eve trip to Paris; they’re always a huge hit!”

Here’s a look at 11 of the hottest party favors that will add cheer to any New Year’s Eve party:

Light Up Balloons – A new and highly popular product, these LED balloons flash and blink, letting guests know they’re surely at an elite New Year’s party!

Light Up Ice Cubes – This “cool” ice cube lights up and adds dazzle to any drink! With freezable gel inside it’ll actually keep drinks cold, while putting the icing on the party at the same time!

Glow Eyeglasses – Hip eyeglasses take on a new meaning when they glow. Seven different color choices will fit any party theme add a certain glow to everyone’s eyes!

Color Changing Decorative/Pool Orbs – Not only do these orbs have nine lighting modes, but they also float in water! These are definitely one of the coolest lighting decorations you can have at a party!

Fiber Optic Centerpieces – Add a nice ambience to your event with a 13-inch tall centerpiece that fades through beautiful colors!

EL Wire Decorative Lighting – Think of anything that needs a little lighting added to it and this six foot long, flexible rope is the answer!

Liquid Activated Flashing Shot Glasses – Flashing lights add even more excitement to this shot glass than the liquid that’s already contained in it. Simply pour liquid in to see the colors ignite!

Atomic Glow Tumblers – Neon is in, and that’s just what these glow tumblers are! This cup really electrifies a drink!

LED and Glow Beach Balls – Hang them, hit them around or float them in a pool. Glow beach balls add an element of fun that was always missing before these unique glow balls came along!

Light Up Foam Sticks – Flashing, blinking and fading, this LED foam stick has it all. Wave it at concerts, clubs, or get all the attention at the hottest New Year’s Eve party!

Light Up Champagne Cups – New Years just isn’t complete without the bubbly and these champagne glasses add multiple, bright colors of light to party drinks!

About Glowsource.com:

Glowsource.com strives to provide customers with a wide range of one-of-a-kind glow and light up products for making parties a memorable success. Offering wholesale/bulk and discounted prices, Glowsource.com is a complete one-stop shop for must-have glow and LED items for NYE 2013.

Established in 1999 with the introduction of “Cool Glow” drinkware, Glowsource.com has since been bringing customers the latest lighted and glow party supplies to make parties tremendous fun. With 13 years experience and superior customer service, Glowsource.com is the ultimate glow party supply shop!

Whitney Callahan